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Windy City Meditation

Through mentoring, practice and meditation, we strive to help all students obtain greater spiritual, mental and physical well-being. 

Windy City Meditation utilizes the practice of Heart-Centered Meditation to aid individuals in strengthening their minds, bodies and spirits.  Students participate in a series of classes and meditation sessions concentrating on the coordination of the breath and heartbeat. 

Heart-Centered Meditation (HCM) has proven to benefit individuals in all walks of life and experience.  From the highly-seasoned meditation scholar to the curious individual interested in trying something new, Windy City Meditation utilizes the practice of Heart-Centered Meditation to offer opportunities to students of all skill and interest levels:

  • Performing artists interested in sharpening particular skills
  • Business people stressed out from long hours in the office, or, who need to feel more confident and relaxed in pressure-filled situations (e.g. meetings, presentations, etc.)
  • Individuals trying to gain a greater sense of physical, mental or spiritual health
  • People interested in the philosophies, methodologies, teachings and readings of an authentic meditation lineage

Windy City Meditation offers not only a chance to study the scholarly discipline of Meditation, but also extends the benefits of meditation practice to the “casual learner", concentrating on solutions for the daily stresses of life.      

We invite you to explore the site to learn more about the unique and customized classes offered by Windy City Meditation and discover how you can benefit from the art of Heart-Centered Meditation.

Windy City Meditation

Windy City Meditation

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