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Robert’s years of meditation, coupled with his engaging sense of humor, high level of integrity and heart-centered manner, have made him a much sought after meditation teacher, mentor, retreat guide and facilitator in the greater Chicago area.

Robert Johnson is a Representative of the Sufi Order, appointed by Pir Zia Inayat Khan in August, 2011 and is affiliated with the Light-Hearted Center of SOI in Forest Park, Illinois. He is both a Certified Meditation Teacher and Certified Mentor, being personally trained by Puran and Susanna Bair, at the Institute for Applied Meditation. He has studied and practiced meditation for over 20 years and also has extensive training in Energy Medicine with Victoria and Gordon Merkle at the School of Advanced Healing. He is a Healing Conductor and active member of the Sufi Healing Order. He has begun studies with the Suluk Academy in the West, as of January, 2012.

As a classical musician, Robert’s career has spanned four continents. He has held positions in Singapore, Santiago, Chile, and Barcelona, Spain. Today, he is a tenured orchestra member of both the Lyric Opera of Chicago as well as the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed with all of Chicago’s leading musical organizations, as well as done commercial recordings, film scores and chamber music.

Meditation has had many applications to Robert’s life. In performing his music, focus, confidence, and concentration are enhanced, and breadth and depth are added to the understanding of musical scores as well as the overall arc of performances. This is reflected in his personal life, with greater intimacy and depth in relationships, greater optimism, accomplishing tasks more readily, and a richer inner life.

His two spirited Dalmatians are immediately attracted and calmed by his daily meditation practices, much as butterflies are attracted to the flower.





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