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One-on-One Private Classes and Mentoring

Private Classes

Windy City Meditation also offers private instruction in Heart-Centered Meditation.  Classes can be formed for an individual or for a small group of your friends, co-workers, or classmates.


One on One


  • De-Stress Your Life!!

A series of classes offered to the busy professional with a focus on heart-health  and breathing exercises. Emphasis is placed on instruction and techniques that can be utilized in the middle of any busy work-day. (No pre-requisites)

  • Performance Anxiety – “practice makes perfect” 

HCM practices can be used in the challenging world of the Performing Arts.  Successful classical musician, Lyric Opera orchestra member, and HCM teacher, Robert Johnson, presents a class specifically directed toward using HCM techniques for the successful management of the pressures of performance anxiety. Also beneficial for any performance artist, graphic artist, writer – anyone involved in a creative profession. Ideal for either classroom environments or one-on-one  instruction.  (No pre-requisites)

In either case, the class consists of some movement exercises, instructions on posture, breathing, use of intention and body and energy awareness. We spend some time discussing your greatest current need in life so that the meditation can be customized to benefit you most.

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For those individuals who want to deepen their practice, Robert, a Certified Guide, offers mentoring. This is a wonderful and powerful process for the unfolding of your unique heart-held gifts. Robert will help you learn how to listen to the guidance of your heart. This will assist you with the challenges of everyday life.

We work with three areas:

  • accomplishment (solving your most pressing need), 
  • realization (working with your internal model of reality), and
  • character (living up to your ideals and being the best example of your archetype).

Naturally, this path may prove difficult at times, however, the mentor will support and  encourage you toward the fulfillment of your goal. He has been trained specifically to guide you through each of the steps you encounter in this method.

Windy City Meditation recommends a one-year commitment of one-hour-long monthly phone meetings. Other classes are recommended for deepening and development. Mentoring is not therapy but is a means to completion of the personality, enabling you to fulfill your life’s unique mission. (Pre-requisites:  Basic HCM, Intermediate HCM)

To contact Robert, please fill out our online form.
Windy City Meditation

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