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Heart-Centered Meditation (HCM)

HCM is a practice which combines conscious full lung capacity breathing with a concentration on the heart.  Through the coordination of rhythmic breath and heartbeat, HCM creates a highly efficient physiological state in which the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal, and immune systems work harmoniously.


  • improved health
  • reduced stress
  • increased concentration
  • emotional and spiritual well-being

Windy City Meditation

Windy City Meditation offers individuals of all skill and interest levels the opportunity to strengthen their mind, body and spirit by utilizing the practice of HCM in a series of classes and mentoring sessions.

  • Group Class

This once-a-month group practice is open to novices as well as experienced
practitioners. The basics of HCM are introduced for the beginners and then the
class is expanded and tailored to the needs of the group.
Location: Call or email for details.

  • De-Stress Your Life!!

A series of classes offered to the busy professional with a focus on heart-health 
and breathing exercises. Emphasis is placed on instruction and techniques that
can be utilized in the middle of any busy work-day.
(No pre-requisites)

  • Performance Anxiety – “practice makes perfect” 

HCM practices can be used in the challenging world of the Performing
Arts.  Successful classical musician, Lyric Opera orchestra member, and meditation
instructor, Robert Johnson, presents a class specifically directed toward
using HCM techniques for the successful management of the pressures of
performance anxiety. Ideal for either classroom environments or one-on-one
(No pre-requisites)

  • Basic HCM

We explore the basics of Heart-Centered Meditation using the textbook, “Energize
your Heart in Four Dimensions,” by Puran and Susanna Bair. Ideal for
individuals interested in the practice of HRM, use of the dimensions of the heart
as well as the element breaths and/or advancing to higher levels of HCM. 
(Pre-requisite:  A genuine desire to learn)

  • Intermediate HCM

Expanding on the Basic HCM class, Intermediate HCM uses “Living From the  
Heart” by Puran Bair as its textbook and explores, in depth, the stages of
concentration and contemplation as well as readings to nurture “the poetic heart.”
(Pre-requisite: Basic HCM)

  • Advanced Instruction HCM

For those individuals who want to deepen their practice, we offer mentoring. This
is a monthly meeting for personal development, where practices are tailor-made
to meet the needs of the student.

The focus is three-pronged:

  • accomplishment (solving your most pressing need), 
  • realization (working with your internal model of reality), and
  • character (living up to your ideals and being the best example of your archetype).
(Pre-requisites: Basic HCM, Intermediate HCM)

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Windy City Meditation

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